Spring Releases Also Include ‘Flowers Bloom’ Single From @EmayHolmes

Emay Holmes
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The Military veteran, singer/songwriter Emay Holmes dedicates Spring to the release of new music titled ‘Flowers Bloom.’

Just in time for a Spring release, the Airmen better known as Maxwell “Emay” Holmes, bring his new single to life. With the release of ‘Flowers Bloom’ Emay shows us how to embrace who we are unapologetic. While remaining unique in his voice and tone Emay paints a vivid image in just about three minutes. “Flowers Bloom’ reminds us of self-celebration even as we learn about love and life. The song is an enjoyable listen as Holmes delivers poetic buds over an extremely delicate beat that matches the melodic flow of his tone. 

Emay is also no stranger to the music scene. In 2018 he received a writeup via MilitaryNews about the release of ‘The Deployment Song‘ debut before undergoing the process of his official deployment in December 2017. The track comes as a followup to the ‘Deep Down’ project which made its debut in 2018. available below. 

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I definitely hope to hear of Emay over similar beats and melodic cadences as this seems to be ideal for his specific sound. 

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