@Stalk_Ashley Reveals Mixed Emotions On ‘Open’ And ‘Deserted’ Releases

Stalk Ashley
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These two new singles from Stalk Ashley left us emotionally uneasy between ‘Open’ and ‘Deserted’ listenings released this week.  




The official lyric videos for the songs ‘Open’ and ‘Deserted’ debuted on YouTube, at the top of the month.  The singles arrived on the heels of a very successful ‘Young‘ music video which has gathered over 2-million streams to date. The dual release of the songs by Stalk Ashley both carry similar tempos but differ in emotional stability.  First up Stalk describes her willingness to open up during an unfulfilling love affair.  The song features Stalk’s unique approach to tones using a hint of Dancehall vibes with just enough to transform her dialect.  The second release is followed by ‘Deserted.’  A single featuring the British trio, rap group WSTRN (pronounced Western).  As the story unfolds the pervious relationship of ‘Open’ became estranged and toxic.  Hence her voice though lyrical blades as her only form of therapy.  

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Both songs demonstrate Stalk’s acquired taste in music.  Displaying a bold and unassumingly demanding persona is a new stance for women in Dancehall utilizing their platform.  The hypnotizing effect of her voice can easily disguise the severity of the songs she performs.  Stalk like Jada Kingdom have become the latest talk of the town on the Jamaican music scene.  

Both releases are available for streaming.  

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