Tony Stark Scheduled To Make Appearance In ‘Black Widow’ Epic Release – July 2021 Movie Trailers Inside

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With a summer kickoff like no other, movie theatres across the country reduce restrictions for long-awaited movie releases.

Though plenty of movies came out during the pandemic, traditional releases were still limited. Hollywood, too many, seemed like it shut down indefinitely. Nonetheless, there were many working behind the scenes to enable the survival of the industry. Now that the summer is here, theaters can reopen across America safely.

From Marvel flicks long-awaited Black Widow to horror sequels and music biopics will be both a treat and a welcomed relief for moviegoers. According to Disney plus, the cast of Black Widow includes an appearance from Iron Man himself. Yes, Tony Stark is listed as part of the cast alongside filming credits.

Beyond credits, other movie releases involve the acting debut of Lebron James, another mind-boggling project from M. Night Shyamalan, and a Sci-Fi release led by Chris Pratt.

Check out the trailer for The Tomorrow War after the JUMP.

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