@wxveyHex Debut Breakout ‘Blow’ Single

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Hex pushes for recognition..

With tracks such as “Canadian Drip,” “Limitless,” “Gene Kelly,” and “Inferno,” the UK artist that goes by the moniker ‘Hex’ have demonstrated several reasons being an underground artist is deserving of wider recognition within the industry.

Hex has been currently working with several producers aside from ADP who produced his current single ‘Blow’ currently in rotation. Sticking to clean drums kits accompanied by the substance of struggles and success, Hex is more than capable than holding his own. In the same breathe while I believe what I’ve said prior I do think Hex is looking for that one thing to push him over the edge into stardom. I think it will be a matter of time or feature, Hex gains that allows us to capture a project in its entirety.

Hex, under the SONY imprint is vying to be next wave of competitors to position themselves and their music for Billboard chart toppers.

Peep the release of ‘Blow’ which was released this summer but is slowly and creatively building its own hype.

Image courtesy of Hex
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