50 Years Of Fame Adidas ‘Change Is a Team Sport’ Campaign Celebration

Superstar 50
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From MVP’s to MC’s, the Adidas brand celebrates it’s one true ‘Superstar 50’ with ‘Change Is a Team Sport’ campaign directed by Jonah Hill.

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German sports brand Adidas queues up a celebratory video. One of its first with a new collaborator, Jonah Hill. The official kickoff campaign celebrating the Superstar‘s 50th anniversary. Themed “Change Is a Team Sport” the on-going effort was directed by and feature Hill.  The campaign video will also feature an array of creatives and athletes associated with the brand.

Featured guests in the first “Change Is a Team Sport” campaign was called upon based on their relationship with the brand.  Made up of an array of icons including Tyler “Ninja” Blevins, Kerwin Frost, Blackpink, Pharrell Williams. Just to name a few.  Also starring Yara Shahidi, Anitta, Mariah Duran, Mark Gonzales, Blondey McCoy, Tyshawn Jones, Liz Cambage, Paul Pogba, Nigo, Jackson Wang, Chris Severn, Mette Towley, Tracy McGrady, and Anna Isoniemi among others.

On Topic:   #Beyonce Relaunches #IvyPark Brand W/ Adidas Signatures

Check out the first “Change Is a Team Sport” effort starring Soto above.

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