After The Release Of ‘Citizen Of The World,’ @KingPerryy Is Listed Among The Genres Most Notable

King Perryy
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Afro-Dancehall artiste King Perryy’s debut ‘Citizen Of The World’ makes him one of the fastest rising acts in Nigeria.


With the 17-track compilation, it’s no wonder, King Perryy has caught the attention of the Jamaican media. In an interview with the Jamaican Gleaner, King Perryy deep dives into the title of his musical project ‘Citizen Of The World.’  As well as a brief background of the rising star.

 Citizen of The World, he says, has a deep meaning. “ Citizen of the World is a mind state, an identity bringing people together. But before you become a citizen of the world, you have to be aware of yourself, your environment. Global citizenship is something we need to talk about. The moment we see the world’s problem as our problem, the world will begin to change for the better. We can start by being our brother’s keeper,” he preached.

The idea behind the project is embedded in his history of being a former seminary student. This philosophy is reflected throughout his recent release. In a short couple of weeks, King Perryy has carved a path as one of Nigeria’s most ambitious young artists since the drop of the compilation. Moreso working with some of the most influential talents within the genre.

My only beef with King Perryy is the use of language in his music. Further building on his history and his collaborations, he should actively stay away from using inappropriate language. This will ultimately maintain a sense of identity but also grant the freedom to collaborating artists.

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