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Audrey 'Comic Sans'
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Audrey ‘Comic Sans’ release is a major milestone for the budding New Jersey-bred artist who’s planning a quick break out next year.

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The feature from the rising Kentucky rapper Jack Harlow for Audrey ‘Comic Sans’, release, seemed a little well, wild. Being from the eastside and all the single predictably would seek a local bred star for the co-sign. But Audrey is under the Arista Records umbrella which clarified a lot more than usual as well as that budget. Which is also why her Twitter account is certified with 400 followers.

Well alongside a very unique produced record Jack Harlow does his thing and drops a signature verse. While ‘Comic Sans’ doesn’t showcase her previous exposer with R&B, Audrey seems to be one of those artists who dabble a bit of everything. The release gains moment the more you listen. According to her record label SME, the Korean-American artist will release an EP next year.

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