‘Bad Boys For Life’ KickOff Epic Release For January 2020

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It’s a better year for epic movie releases (fingers crossed). With the debut release of the Bad Boys for life, sequel is a great setup for a 2020.

Last year was kind of a drag with movie releases being subpar. Not even the holidays brought something worth watching. Except for the late release of  Netflix’s ‘The Witcher’ and The Irishman which was well worth the three hours.  Besides the epic releases, I’m about to list there are some good releases still fresh on streaming services.  There revivals of The Umbrella Academy Season 2, The Order season 2, and the latest TV show Messiah on Netflix which has Twitter raving a battling is it ‘safe’ to watch.

Great TV Shows but like many the in theatre still matters this is why I have listed seven reasons, releases below after the jump why you should check out. Obviously I’m a huge fan of horror and action flicks along with the occasional comedy all available after the jump.

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Check out the releases after the JUMP.

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