DJ Khaled Currently Working On Reviving “Garnett Silk’ Unreleased Vocals

Garnett Silk
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New collaboration in the works from the late Jamaican singer ‘Garnett Silk’ and Dj Khaled according to his widow.

We witnessed a great conversation between DJ Khaled and the widow of Garnett Silk, Novlyn ‘Lovey’ Banton recently.  During the LIVE video chat, there were hints that Khaled was more than interested in working with vocals from the late Garnett Silk.  For those of you who are unaware of the late Reggae artist, he was shot and killed in 1994 during a drive-by.  At the time he was 28-years old.  Silk was one of many who was shot at his mother’s house in Mandeville, Jamaica, on 9 December.  

While his contribution was cut short two-years into his career, his contribution focused on conscious music and authentic reggae vibes.  Silk created classics with like Man is Just A Man featuring Tony Rebel (1994), among others.  This year marks 26 years since garnett Silk’s music will be acknowledged as a leading voice in reggae.  

“Your husband Garnett Silk, he was such a person in my life that his music helped me through so much and still helping me,” Khaled said. “What they used to call him? Archangel?”

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In a way, only Khaled can express.  Banton eventually revealed that there are a few songs still in the vault protected by his son. 

“There are so many tracks out there right now that when you play them people are like, ‘who is that?’ but it’s him but they didn’t get the justice that they deserved,” Banton said. “He has a lot of songs, he wasn’t here for long…it was almost like he knew that he was on a mission and that mission would have been cut short so he was just doing things…recording and putting music out in the space… I think he had a premonition like he knew I’m not gonna be here for long, so let me just do this.”

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