eBay Joins P.J. Tucker For An Inside Look Of His Sneaker Collection

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While most sneaker collectors move to closest spaces, P.J. Tucker’s sneaker collection occupies an entire loft.

On and off the court no one has a collection that can compare to P.J. Tucker.  eBay linked up with the sneaker connoisseur for a tour of his loft.  With assistance from Director X, we finally get an inside look into the epic one of a kind sneaker museum.  The 3-minute clip is a mere introduction to what is to come, scheduled to run with eBay through August 10th.  There are 2 more installments planned in the near future.  

In the first installment, Tucker explains his devotion to sneakers and having to purchase the loft as storage space.  P.J. Tucker also admitted to using eBay to purchase his grails and, using his real name on his account.  Using it as an opportunity to interact with other sneakerheads in various states and countries.  Something many people would not understand.  

P.J. teases pairs of the Air Jordan 9 Bin 23 in Gold, Air Force 1 Craig Sager, the highly-coveted SB Chunky Dunky, Lebron 8 SVSM, and Air Max 1 Chlorophyll were all part of the P.J. Tucker tour with eBay.  


[bctt tweet=”While most sneaker collectors move to closest spaces, #PJTucker’s sneaker collection occupies an entire loft.” via=”no”]
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