A Fake #JayZ Track-list Titled #Ascension With Artwork And All, Appeared On Social Media Today

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Fake track-listing titled Ascension sent Jay-Z’s African fans into a frenzy on social media today.

Various news outlets were buzzing as a tentative musical project starring Jay-Z surfaced. Considering it’s April Fool’s Day many dismissed the tracklist as a joke. That is until the @ChartsAfrica seems to have some validity to the rumor. Sarkodie, Olamide, NastyC & Femi Kuti, all of which is Africa’s most popular music artist appeared on the track-listing.

Other artists to have rumored guest appearances are Rick Ross and H.E.R. 

While no one from Roc Nation has acknowledged the existence of the artwork, African fans are having a good day of possibilities. The purported tracklist featuring 16 songs appears layered over an oil painting of the horizon assumed to be Africa. 

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NotJustOK has even gone as far as to report the exclusivity of the album will be hosted solely on TIDAL. An alleged statement accompanying the ‘rumored’ announcement by Jay-Z reads: “I’ve always wanted to get in touch with my roots and connect to the motherland. You know, Africa is blessed with so much talent and I felt like it was time to tap into that resource.

Ascension: the act of rising or ascending especially: the act of moving to a higher or more powerful position.’

Sidenote: If this were true, I would not be surprised. It will be Jay’s introduction to Afrobeats after Beyonce’s dominance. But it will be an opportunity to create universal music out of America.

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