Here’s Another 7-Movies I Have To See (June 2019)

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Staying in theme with a diverse background of movie releases like Action, Sci-Fi, Comedy and Horror, June is the prep month for major summer 2019 releases launch for the upcoming 4th of July weekend. I have seen most of the flix that came out last month except for Godzilla. I will keep you up to date. But this month including a Netflix release comes another Sci-Fi movie which I think Netflix has achieved over the years is producing and releasing epic and intricate Sci-Fi movies for the most part of it.

There have been a few releases if you haven’t seen it definitely go check it out. Although I have been hearing mixed reviews about X-Men it will still be something I will check out getting a late start to movies, along with Annabelle (horror flick) and Lion King starring Beyonce.

The month of July does not look slow on the movies all though it seems like June has done the most to promote some of the year’s blockbuster. Not without saying seems liek Marvel will be back in July with something for all along with animation and a much needed comedy relief. Anyways check out the releases and upcomers after the JUMP

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