iPhone 14 Images Wasn’t Leaked, It Teased On The Eve Of iPhone 13 Announcement

iphone 14
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Fans found some leaked images of an iPhone 14 ahead of Apple’s announcement of the iPhone 13 later this week.

All images posted online of the iPhone 14 seems to be simple updated features of the smartphone. In recent years Apple has come under pressure of not being a leader in innovation. They do, however, reserve the right of having a great device nonetheless. Recent images suggest many improvements in the 2022 release ahead of the iPhone 13.

The edge-to-edge display gets an improvement as well as AR features and wallpaper screen options. Physically the smartphone is slowly being molded into an edged device with not many button placement changes happening here. I would assume new colorways and various sizing with camera options improve its chances of being a go-to for those influencers and photo seekers. 

Tech enthusiast Jon Prosser said he only saw images of the iPhone 14 Max but still maintains little to no information concerning the differences in tech between the iPhone 14 or its predecessor.

Other news includes iOS 15 and wearable device announcements by Apple on Tuesday, Sept 14th. 


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