Apple #iOSUpdate 14.5 Will Unlock Your iPhone With Your #AppleWatch, If You’re Wearing A Mask

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If you’re a masker like millions of people, throughout the world the iOS update now comes with the ability to unlock your iPhone using your Apple Watch. 

Apple’s iOS 14.5 is available with one of the most engaging features to date. If you happen to be wearing a mask, your iPhone will now use your Apple Watch to unlock itself. As long as your iPhone and watch are nearby, you will be able to bypass Face ID and passcodes to unlock your iPhone just by turning on the screen.

Once you’ve updated your devices with iOS 14.5 (and watchOS 7.4), it’s easy to enable the feature that lets you unlock your iPhone with your watch. Here’s how

  • Settings > Face ID & Passcode.
  • Scroll down to the new Unlock With Apple Watch option.
  • Toggle it on to turn on the feature. 
  • There’s nothing you have to do on the watch.

Warning: Your phone will NOT be looking for YOUR face with a mask, it will be looking for A face with a mask. Apple does warn you about this when the feature is turned on. 


In response to the unlock feature, the watch buzzes you along with a notification when your device is unlocked. Pressing that lock button immediately locks your phone and requires a passcode on the next unlock.


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