#Jaguar Announces All-Electric Move Into 2025 As They Introduce The ‘i-Pace’

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Jaguar announces that the brand will be all-electric by 2025, leading with the release of the I-Pace.

Although the Jaguar sport utility ‘I-Pace’ EV has received a 2021 release, the Rover is still ahead. The iconic Land Rover will be receiving a much-needed makeover for 2024. Meanwhile, the I-Pace EV is scheduled to be the first of six all-electric releases over the next five years. JLR (Jaguar Land Rover) is boosting investment of around $3.5B according to The Verge. Leading manufacturers into joining the rising popularity of the Electric V.

At this point, any and all-electric vehicles released is considered a rival of Teslas. Contributing equally to the health of the planet and the people. The I-Pace however, is a sport utility mixed-use crossover. A model Tesla has yet been interested in. With nearly 400 horsepower from two electric motors, the hatchback is considered a large luxury SUV by the automaker. Taking its speed inspiration from the Jaguar C-X75, the SUV supercar is coupled with a curved 11.4-inch HD touchscreen intact dash, Carplay, and Android for a true driver’s experience. 

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Although there has been a push to convert to all-electric cars, the options of the combustion engine remain a concern to those worried about gas prices. Lexus, Porche, the Mclaren have been most notably made shifts towards all-electric cars.  

Jaguar stocks currently sit at $2.86/share according to MarketWatch, while Tesla takes ‘to the moon’. The proposed rebranding has been prompted by a $48.6M fine it received in the EU for missing emissions targets in 2020.

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