#Leaf, Discusses Social Media & Depression In ‘Somebody’ Release

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Social media is not what it use to be..

T he Fool’s Gold, signee Leaf releases her first track of the year with the intentions of targeting a growing discussion about social media and depression.  While social media is not what it use to be, hence the growth of trolls and the latest spurt of performance tweets, the track ” Somebody”, encompasses a moody melancholic tone that hits the note she sets out to do.

Supported by a slew of social awareness through NYC public ads, Leaf joins the reigns of artist addressing mental health, and stability while adding her billboard and subway ad campaigns through music. For the most part it’s good to see the NYC singer take a front row and address issues through her art as well as a potential to a possible compilation project? Be sure to look out for more from leaf I have a feeling there’s a bigger role for the singer other than being an artist of music. As for Fool’s Gold let’s see how they provide support for the budding native.

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“Somebody” is available on all streaming platform, listen below.


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