LEGO Releases Originals Wooden Minifigure For The Holidays

LEGO Original Minifigure 853967
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Founded in 1932 and designed by a master carpenter the first LEGO mini-figure was made of wood. The LEGO Original Minifigure 853967 is making a come back.

With attention to detail, the classic LEGO Original Minifigure 853967 created the bar for toys and collectibles at the toy company.  The LEGO company with Ole utilized a high level of detail for the product which later became the sole distributor of the now-iconic toy. While the current mini-figures are cast in plastic, wood the original material became scarce in the aftermath of the Second World War. Ole started supplementing the production of the Minifigures with plastic as the toys continue to make history.

With collaboration brands with Friends (TV Show), IKEA, Star Wars among others the iconic and cultural figure is up for grabs in its original form of wood.  The model (LEGO Original Minifigure 853967) measures over 7” (20cm) tall, 4” (11cm) wide and 3,5” (9cm) deep creates a perfect collectible design for the LEGO stan. This 5:1 upscaled version of the classic LEGO Minifigure is presented in a premium gift box with a 28-page booklet featuring the history of the Minifigure and the story behind the development of this wooden model.

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Also included are inspiring examples of how LEGO designers personalized their models, as well as inspiration for accessories fans,  can build using the included LEGO bricks. A number of LEGO designers have already given their take on how to personalize the model, and the results will be exhibited for a limited time at the LEGO Originals Pop Up Store and Gallery in London.

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Image courtesy of LEGO
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