@LilNasX Front Page Cover Of Time Magazine Say’s It ALL

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The young Nas is on FIRE!

Just in his short rise to fame, Lil Nas X only at 20 years of age, has dominated the top of the charts for months, blocking out singles from Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran, and Justin Bieber.

While Lil Nas X does not come with out his story of being excluded from the Billboard Country hit list, the “Old Town Road” single being one of the most creative combinations of the year using country and hip-hop influences that caused the national debate when it landed. Disqualified from Billboard’s country charts, drawing accusations of racism, the opportunity arose to hit the top 100 charts for  whooping 19 weeks strengthened the song’s meteoric rise to the top with a featured remix with Billy Ray Cyrus that drove the song to further success.

Time Magazine seem more than excited to feature the young Hip-Hop hitmaker and cultural icon to adorn the cover of the August issue in a devil red suit which is hard to miss. The main article describes Lil Nas X rise to the top and his new experiences which gave way to how coming out to the world as a homosexual impacted his relationships and his career.


As most people know I will have no slander of the young hip-hop artist especially those who have been making their mark in the culture and industry as pioneers of a new era of Hip-Hop. Congrats to Lil Nas X & I might add at some point global brands will also have to give Megan Thee Stallon and Lil Tecca their respect due!

Image courtesy of Time magazine
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