Lil Nas x Nas Tapped For Grammy Performance & ‘Rodeo’ Remix (DJPool)

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After accomplishing ‘Old Town Road’ with Billy Ray Cyrus, Lil Nas X, taps the original Queensbridge rapper, Nas for the ‘Rodeo’ remix.

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At the high-profile Grammy Awards presentation, Nas made his presence felt on the stage as he was featured alongside whom I call, Nas Junior. Or like he calls himself Lil Nas X.  One of the few exciting performances of the evening at the Grammy’s.  “Rodeo,” is the second melodic single off the Lil Nas X’s major-label debut EP 7.  The original version featured Cardi B.

Nas salutes the young Nas x with the line “Game change, but the name don’t” after what some said was a diss. In 2019 when Lil Nas X originally made his debut and signed a humongous record deal with the Columbia imprint.  Lil Nas X explained that his stage name was not intended to be disrespectful towards Nas.  Tweeting, “Nas is a legend and I never meant any disrespect by my stage name. I actually might change it in the future.”

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Thus allowing both artists the opportunity to publically squash whatever potential beef there was and release a collaboration effort. The single is available on all streaming platforms as well as the Grammy’s performance uploaded by Lil Nas X.


DJ’s Download Below both Clean and Dirty versions available from Inavator.

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