Top 100 Songs Of The 2000’s Include DMX, Beenie Man, And Erykah Badu

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Breaking away from current events, Billboard proposes a look at a list of their Top 100 songs from the era entering the 2000s.

Websites were booming, CD’s and DVD’s were the choices for many fans and Best Buy, Virgin Records and The Wiz music stores were rotating in-store events with artists.  The era of super-producers led the 2000s in creating some of the biggest cross-over hits to-date. Musicians alike all courted producers like Timbaland, Swizzbeats, and The Neptunes among others who supplied fans with the next generation superstars. The era brought R&B, and Hip-Hop respectively to the forefront in a world dominated by pop music.

Hip-Hop culture solidified itself as a genre with chart-topping hits which the Top 10 Billboard charts. Still to this day, Billboard squabbles with genre-bending music as recent as ‘Old Town Road’ by Lil Nas X as a Hip-Hop hit.  While others argue about its country music influences. Artists included in their Top 100 are Beenie Man who rained in as Top 84 on the list with ‘Girls Dem Suga’ featuring Mya produced by The Neptunes and DMX’s ‘Party Up’ produced by Swizzbeats

Believe it or not, Billboard’s Top 100 charting songs for the 2000s is almost as accurate as our ages posted on social media. 

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