@ScribzRiley Release Of “East Side’ Is A Magical Debut As A Solo Act

Scribz Riley
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The levitation performance of ‘East Side’ is very impressive even more so that Scribz Riley is a first-time solo act.  

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The 26-year old has had quite a career builder developing some of the music industry’s most talented.  Sooner or later the name Scribz Riley would have made it to the public eye.  You have heard his previous work as a music producer, responsible for hits by Khalid, H.E.R., J Hus, and Cardi B.  This is why when ‘East Side’ dropped it was very easy to be impressed by the multi-talented youngster.  Residing between London and LA, the multi-award winner songwriter and producer is stepping into the spotlight to own his artistry and conquer one of many talents.  

Scribz really did bring visuals back to life with his recent levitating act.  It’s a performance worth a reminder that visuals matter.  A concept designed by Hector Dockrill & Savannah Setten really allowed Scribz to become the music video’s focal point.  A perfectly synced music video.  The creative beginnings of the song introduce us to Scribz as an R&B track.  Which later cadences into a confident rap release.  Overall the release is a well-polished debut with respect to his fans delivering a high-quality content release worth multiple views.  


I think this is Scribz Riley’s opportunity to not half-ass the debut but preferably accompany the release with an EP of visuals.  He has gained our attention with the sync release of visuals and audio, but now I see viewers willing to take a chance and consume an EP.  

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