#TheIrishman Among The 7 Movie Releases To Watch November 2019

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While the month of October got off to a slow movie start, this month’s 7 movie releases will be a sure way to make up for it.

The Halloween season didn’t go as planned. I’ve noticed every year more and more would have been, major releases are held back for a November and December debut. It’s safe to say the entire month of October did not have a major Sci-Fi or Horror release. With the Exception of Gemini Man. Thus the season whined down with the debut of ‘Joker‘.  Which became more of a psych/drama movie as it took a nose dive into the mental making of ‘The Joker’. Unfortunately, while the movie did hit box office first-time debut release records, the movie is going to be quickly forgotten but not without the social media memes.

During the month of November, there is a great mix of crime/drama, Sci-Fi/mystery, and futuristic release movies. There are also two entries from Netflix that basically could have been released as epic releases featuring a cast Robert De Niro and Al Pacino set in post-war America, and the other ventures into Medieval times drama story of a budding king.

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