Will ‘Dr. Michael Morbius’ Be Marvel Comics Next Living Legend?

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The Marvel character Morbius is Marvel’s anti-hero who does everything in his power to do good and destroy his evil nature.


According to Marvel’s character biography, Michael Morbius attempts to cure his life-long blood disease with experimental vampire bat science. In the process, he turns himself into a living vampire, tortured by his life-sustaining thirst for blood. The debut epic release will feature Jared Leto and hit the theatres on January 28, 2022.

Dr. Morbius has been a Marvel character since its 1971 debut. The comic book-to-film transformation of the living vampire could be a fan favorite, as it has been rumored Morbius will be making a collaborative effort in the upcoming Spider-Man “Across the Spider-Verse, Part 1′ later this year. The film has a lot to cover since Morbius is not a well-known character. Its debut will add to Marvel’s budding Horror genre as Image Comics has done with the comparable ‘Spawn’ character.

Doctor Strange, Spider-man, Thor, and Black Panther are all scheduled for a rumored big year.


Image courtesy of Marvel
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