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1$T - Pass It To Myself
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The ATL rapper utilizes the lead single from the ‘Tokyo Project’. 1$T ‘Pass It To Myself’ solidifies the entry to the compilation project scheduled as early as next month.

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1$T seems to have an affinity with his recent trip to Japan earlier this year. So much that he shot and released the video featured locations of some the local vibes while he was there. The anesthetic of his new space was so overwhelming, that it inspired him to create a whole project themed ‘Tokyo’. Even going as far as to name the upcoming compilation ‘Tokyo Project’.

The music video located above is directed by Evijan John. Using the streets of Japan as the backdrop to 1$T ‘Pass it To Myself’ finds 1$T on a Tokyo night with authentic Tokyo culture, strolling the streets and dining. Making the most of an evening of karaoke and good Japanese food leading the path to the entire project.  1$T definitely has been keeping as he latest Youtube entries feature Beer Pong with Post Malone and freestyle releases that have been getting more than enough tractions online.

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