An Updated #iPod Touch Is On The Way According To Apple Fans

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Ify on the iPod Touch though..

[mks_dropcap style=”rounded” size=”52″ bg_color=”#757470″ txt_color=”#fcfcfc”]T[/mks_dropcap] he only way to really find out is on the 25th of March when Apple, the tech company will host its annual conference. Despite Tuesday’s release that the tech giant reported its iPhone sales revenue declined by 15 percent within its first quarter of 2019 since December. The announcements of possible updates on existing products as well as the possible relaunch of a iPod Touch product line since 2015 hangs in the internet balance. While it might be a good reason to relaunch the device hence the iPhone sales slump, but also not a good look if the release of the device were purposely neglected by Apple themselves since 2015.

Apple is expected to share updates to their products like iPad Air, iPad Mini, and today’s iMac refresh, being all revealed by press releases throughout the week, but an upcoming Apple movie streaming platform has also been a part of the internet rumors including the iPod Touch relaunch coming in a few days ago, hence the recent update to the front page of their iPod product. While I don’t jump into rumors I do love a good tech rumor to throw money at.

In this case only iPhone fans would be more inclined to purchase a second device expecting that the iPod Touch would cost up to 25%-50% less than the latest iPhone to their iOS collection.  Who knows what will happen but the movie streaming platform rumors seem to be solid as well as a refresh look to the iPad devices.

What product update would you like to see?

Is Apple going back to wired headphones?

I have much more questions than i started with…..


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