Apple And Google Is Contact Tracing COVID-19 Through Your Smartphone

Contact Tracing
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How the two biggest communication technology companies are using ‘contact tracing’ to track COVID-19 infections.  

Before we get into the conspiracy theories, what does Apple and Google COVID-19, contact tracing technology mean to us?  According to Apple using smartphones, on volunteer bases, data can be compiled.  The data will eventually be used by Apple and Google to trace your whereabouts.  If in fact, someone else becomes infected the companies would be capable of tracking the spread of that particular virus.  As a voluntary act, short-range Bluetooth communication is used to establish data based on the proximity of people around.  In the event you were in contact with someone infected, you can be alerted through your device using this ‘contact tracing’ technology.  

The ‘tracing’ technology in question has always been present in our smart devices.   Embedded in ‘General’ – ‘ Settings’ while others are used in apps like maps or Tinder.   Tech companies are now admitting to compiling and wanting to use data submitted by your device.  

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Here is an example Tech Crunch used for ‘Contact Tracing’  

  1.   Two people happen to be near each other for some time, let’s say 10 minutes. Their phones exchange the anonymous identifiers (which change every 15 minutes).  
  2.   Later on, one of those people is diagnosed with COVID-19 and enters it into the system via a Public Health Authority app that has integrated the API.  
  3.   With additional consent, the diagnosed user allows his anonymous identifiers for the last 14 days to be transmitted to the system.  
  4.   The person they came into contact with has a Public Health app on their phone that downloads the broadcast keys of positive tests and alerts them to a match.  
  5.   The app gives them more information on how to proceed from there.  

The idea of contact tracing is definitely something the public will struggle with as in fact it features and compiles data on your whereabouts.  Data that can be used for and against you at any given time.  

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Image courtesy of Tech Crunch
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