@AzChike Releases Visuals For ‘Okay’ Ahead Of His EP Scheduled TBA

Az Chike
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While AzChike ‘Yors Truly’ EP is not on the schedule for another few months, he delivers visuals for the ‘Okay’ single.

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AzChike’s just dropped his leading single.  Produced by ‘isthisshiv’, Chike’s flow is complimented by the major chords of Spanish guitars.  Underlining by the sounds of 808’s drum and bass.  Most of all and outstanding design of the song with the complementary sound of the flute.  While it plays its position the flute breath drifts aimlessly between the strums and the drums.  The beat ultimately finds itself when Chike enters.  His bars wrap the entire recording up into one with a much-needed bounce. The release of ‘Okay’ is the first single from the ‘Yors Truly’ EP.  Unfortunately, the musical compilation is not scheduled for another couple fo months.  

The music video drop is directed with RealMovie cuts through the lens.  Chike is joined by his female co-star that dances along to the dominance of the guitar wearing a red and most likely dangerous dress.  The entire music video release on Youtube looks like a prelude to a shootout scene of an epic movie release.

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Chike is proving to be by far one of the most impressive artists coming up out of the West Coast. 

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Image courtesy of Az Chike
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