‘Bad Boys For Life’ Is Finished Already? They Just Started Shooting

‘Bad Boys For Life’ Is Done Already? They Just Started Shooting
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The last we saw of the Detectives, was in 2003’s when Lowrey got involved with Bennet’s sister among all the mayhem that took place surrounding their later exposed relationship, and it feels like ever since then we haven’t had a conclusion to the plot. Despite several rumors over the years there has been talk of the duo returning for a third and epic movie release, finally at the top of the year the rumor proved true.

[somryv url=”jKCj3XuPG8M” size=”full” align=”center”]

The above trailer initially sets off the final phase of the movie into promotion.  With Will Smith taking us along through some of his journeys working with Martin, the crew and the cast of the movie on his IG page . Probably most notable account on the app. The first of three trailers was released on September 4th, and it feels very much like business casual with the normal explosions and shootings.

Sony soon confirmed a January 17, 2020 release date in the UK and US after a 2017 and 2018 failed dates to lock in the superstars. Look out for lots more action as details unfold from the upcoming epic film Bad Boys For Life.

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