#BMW Debuts Its Blackest Of Blacks On The X6

#BMW Debuts Its Blackest Of Blacks On The X6
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We’re seeing a change in the auto industry where auto makers are somewhat ditching sedans. According to WSJ the crossovers and sport-utility vehicles make up more than 47% of auto consumer purchases, not including Minivans.

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As a result of consumer buying power, high end manufactures to longtime luxury holdouts like Lamborghini, Bentley, Rolls-Royce, even Ferrari are taking advantage of the current trend. For the next month’s Frankfurt Motor Show, will host a one-off BMW of the forthcoming 3rd-gen of the X6 SUV.  In the ultimate ‘Vantablack’ paint. Vantablack is made possible by the use of darkest substances on Earth in which contains carbon nanotubes.  It gained some popularity over the summer originating in the UK though the substance originated a few years ago.

BMW tapped Surrey NanoSystems, to coat the surface of the X6 in Vantablack. The blackest of blacks enable objects to lose its defining features to the human eye, with objects appearing two-dimensional. This can be interpreted by the brain as staring into a hole or even a void, making Vantablack a rather unsuitable vehicle paint finish, as it blots out virtually all the design details and highlights.

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