#Drake Launches ‘Mod Rosé Champagne’ Priced At A Little Over $400

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Champagne Papi lives up to his name

[mks_dropcap style=”rounded” size=”52″ bg_color=”#462a1f” txt_color=”#ffffff”]W[/mks_dropcap] ho’s more qualified than the Champagne Papi to launch his own line of champagne for 2019. It’s still early for releases but while the Toronto native is taking some time away from his recent music tour with the Migos, he has recently announced plans to launch his own line of exclusive ‘brown bottled’ champagne. Bottled by Brent Hocking who has roots  located in France’s Vallée de la Marne, a sub-region of the Champagne wine region dating back to 1892.  The two experienced, businessmen has teamed up to introduce ‘Mod Rose’ Selection of Champagne moderately priced at $420 (according to the retail SipWhiskey website).Buy-Mod-Rose-Champagne-By-Drake-Online

SipWhiskey describes the release as a

“rosé de saignée undergoes a proprietary cold-soak maceration at harvest maximizing freshness and vitality utilizing the rare saignée method. The pale salmon-hued nectar draws you near with its rich and seductive bouquet. On the palate, luscious fresh red fruit and extra-fine mousse harmonize to create a long, succulent finish.”

The package available in a chocolate brown, as well as the special designed bottle is also a work of art adding a rich brown metallic embossed pattern and embellishments handcrafted and “applied by the finest artisans in Champagne,” ensuring no two bottles are ever exactly alike, which gives the brand by the OVO front man an exclusivity in the spirit industry that no entertainer has.

Currently available in Reserve and Rosé varietals, Mod Sélection is priced at $300 and $400 respectively for 750 ml bottles, with magnums and jeroboams to come for the ballers who will surely be drinking this stuff in large quantities. Look for single vineyard, vintage, blanc de blancs and other expressions to be available in the months ahead.

Image courtesy of Mod Selection Champage
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