Grim Multi-Task On Debut Music Video | @TheGrimLynn – ‘Don’t Wait’

TheGrimLynn Dont Wait
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A man of many talents, Grim features the well known DYSN for the release of the TheGrimLynn – ‘Don’t Wait’ single and music video.

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Holding true to his DIY beliefs, TheGrimLynn took on the challenge of learning his craft.  Developing a budding rap career the Fort Worth, Texas native got on double duty and wearing various hats in his single career.  Grim took on the position as a director of his own music videos at a very early age. The payout is directing one of his most recent releases titled ‘Don’t Wait’.

Grim captures the viewers with a recent post on FCK Them, Youtube site along with comments like ‘This is Lit’, ‘Dysn number one’ and ‘straight fire’ that has taken the interest of a budding fanbase. He continues to express his love for art now through both his music and film projects.

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The TheGrimLynn – Don’t Wait single is also available on various platforms included below.

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