It’s About Time Instagram Gets The Dark Mode Treatment

Instagram dark mode
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Instagram dark mode, Update your gram!

Instagram dark mode finally gets an update specifically for its iPhone app.  One of the last social media apps to take advantage of native dark mode support in iOS 13, dark mode is just not a good look for an app but it also provides your eyes with an easier color palette which makes scrolling through the app better at nights.

Unlike, Twitter’s pre-iOS 13 dark mode, Facebook and its cousin apps are now enabling the feature based on the presence of iOS 13 from Apple. That means it is a standard setting available in Instagram’s latest update. It has to match your iPhone’s system-wide Settings, ‘dark mode’ option which is pretty standard right now as most iOS app makers are adding dark mode support for the first time.

For those keen on trying it out, the update is out now on the App Store. But in my experience because the IG app has no more than three basic features to use the app’s update while late is a great feature to have if you have updated to the ios 13 and also own the iPhone 6S and higher.

Image courtesy of Instagram
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