Kerby Jean-Raymond (@kerbito) Joins @Wale For His Directorial Debut In ‘Sue Me’

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Kerby Jean-Raymond joins Wale to make a powerful statement about inequality in his latest music video release of ‘Sue Me.’ 

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The Pyer Moss leading designer has a history of activism when it comes to the topic of inequality.  He recently joined Wale for his directorial debut today to further the conversation.  The single ‘Sue Me’ is Wale’s latest visual release featuring Kelly Price.  Most recently Jean-Raymond made a pro-active stand in the Netflix debut of ‘Next In Fashion’ where he protested the discrimination against its two black contestants on the show.  

His activism has no bounds as he flips the script in Wale’s latest visuals for his 2020 single.  The single which just earned its visuals is from the 2019 compilation release of ‘Wow… That’s Crazy’ release.  Featuring Kelly Price the video is a short film.  Written by Kerby Jean Raymond and Cameron Robert the music video extends into an 8:15 mins storyline following an inverse effect on how inequality and discrimination work.  

Wale will join the Redskins Virtual Draft Party on Saturday, April 26 at 6:00 p.m.  He’ll also produce exclusive Redskins content during Draft Week, including producing and directing three Redskins music highlight videos featuring tracks from his latest album Wow… That’s Crazy.  

Image courtesy of Wale 'Sue Me' Artwork
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