Microsoft Launch First Android Foldable Surface Duo Smartphone

microsoft preview surface duo smartphone
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Microsoft surprise previews Surface Duo smartphone powered by Android. It is a pocket size Surface Neo tablet at the Microsoft event this week.

Microsoft had one last surprise during their Microsoft event, during the week. They unveiled a foldable Surface Duo smartphone. Running on the popularity and open source OS, Android. The design of the device seems to be a smaller version of the Microsoft’s dual-screen Surface Neo tablet. On a smaller, pocketable scale. Some might assume the Surface Duo smartphone resembles the Samsung foldable smartphone because of its size and features. But if you look closely that assumption can’t be more off than it is already. The Surface Duo smartphone is more of a little brother to the Neo tablet. While the Duo is an enable smartphone it can easily double as a tablet.

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Microsoft still much of a competitor in personal computers and tablet space, has never been able to compete with smartphone designers such as Samsung and Apple who are also largely in the personal computer space, while they both are gaining traction in creating a home bound ecosystem. The Surface Duo features two 5.6-inch displays that can rotate 360 degrees, allowing it to be fully unfolded as a miniature 8.3-inch tablet ‘Neo’.

Like the Neo, today’s look at the Surface Duo is an early preview. The device won’t be out until holiday 2020, but Microsoft wants to give developers and potential fans plenty of time tog et use to the idea of a foldable device.

Image courtesy of Microsoft
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