Samsung’s Wireless ‘Galaxy Buds’ Made An Introduction This Week

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Earbuds @ $129.99 ?

Samsung seems to have tapped into a power source within itself. These truly wireless headphones that Samsung introduced this week at the S10 convention, seems like an upgrade to the, Gear line previously release, The wireless buds, connect via bluetooth to any device but maintains a special relationship for the S10 pending pre-release. Not only is it what Samsung calls ‘dual microphone’ technology with top of the line sound, the pair of earbuds  can be ‘recharged wirelessly’ with the S10, thanks to its Wireless PowerShare feature of the true smart device.

The pair of wireless buds while it sync’s perfectly with the newly announced Samsung Galaxy S10 does maintain five features that boast itself apart from their competitors. A smart mic for phone calls, pairing time reduction, a unique design, and as an assist hearing / aide or an HD feature to listening to concerts, panels etc.

  • Adaptive Dual-Microphone: Innovative Adaptive Dual Microphone technology senses noise levels around you. An outer mic for when it’s quiet switches dynamically with an inner mic that picks up your voice internally when it’s noisy.
  • Quick Pairing; We designed Buds to sync with your Galaxy devices right out of the box.
  • Ergonomic Design; They’ve also been shaped not only to fit comfortably in your ear. But designed ergonomically to stay there.
  • Quick Ambient Mode; By tapping and holding, you can simply let the outside world back in without taking them out. Meanwhile, AKG’S Pure Studio sound will drop you into the front row, even when you’re not there.
  • Wireless PowerShare; And in a truly revolutionary move, we’ve introduced Wireless PowerShare so you can charge your Buds right from your Galaxy S10.
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My guess is that while the airpods are already been heavily bootlegged it will take the knockoffs quite some time to get these right. With all the technical features coming in for the price tag of $129 only a hater would shut it down before trying them. There’s no harm in trying them!

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Image courtesy of Samsung
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