The Race To Perfect ‘Foldable’ Smart-Devices Is On

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an adopter’s dream or phase?

An evolution of the average smart-device is making an appearance hence the recent release of the Samsung foldable device held at the S10 conference last week. While many has dismissed the design as a phase, other brands like LG, TCL & Huawei are all working quietly on a device intervention that is egging us on to break away from the vertical, rectangular average looking of devices.  The goal is to somehow transform the average or in some cases mundane smart-device design into a pocket computer.  A device that even more closes the gap between a smart-phone and a netbook.

Not even a week old after Samsung Foldable device LG, has announced their own LG V50 is LG’s first 5G phone which displays an entire second screen. TCL just unveiled a 7.2-inch device with a unique ‘flexible’ screen. Huawei has also introduced their ‘Mate X’ device which includes an 8-inch wraparound OLED display along with the Samsung Foldable which is predicted to cost $1,980. It is worth mentioning that all the device announced run on Android. Each device thus far announced does come with either a second screen or an extended screen. The transformation comes in a time where the most exciting computing devices of yesteryear is getting exciting once again for many, Android users.

Each device seems like it will hit the $1,000 mark and over matching Apple prices which have significantly increased over the years.

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