Popcaan Delivers His Own Brand Of Cannabis Infused ‘Unruly Tea’ Line

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The Unruly Boss Popcaan influences his line of Unruly Tea in the multi-billion dollar global medicinal cannabis industry.

The Unruly tea introduced last week by Popcaan has been said to be a CBD/Cannabidiol-infused tea. CBD is a bi-product prevalent in the cannabis strain Sativa. All-while being an avid promoter of Cannabis use, the High All Day singer introduces the tea as part of a health push. Due to his extensive catalog of songs praising weed, the Unruly Boss is perhaps best fitted to be the official ambassador for the Unruly product. As part of a 10-pack ‘immune booster,’ the Unruly CBD infused teas come as Popcaan reveals his partnership with the St. Ann-based cannabis company, Nassential Ltd.

In an IG post, the ‘Weed Is My Best’ promoter debut his product for all of his 2.4 million followers to part-take given the opportunity.

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“Weed is my best friend so I use it in all form, had to make sure my unruly people strong this time around. Dropping my cannabis immune tea real soon… sip, relax and feel good.  boost your immune system the unruly way,” 



As Cannabis continues to be de-criminalized, Jamaica has led the decision towards its legalization. The country has decided that weed for religious and medicinal purposes has the green light. The recent popularity of CBD has also been demonstrated as an effective treatment of epilepsy in several clinical trials. According to the World Health Organization (WHO).

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