Snap’s Betting On This Yellow, $230 Flying Camera They Call ‘Pixy Drone’

Snap chat yellow pixy drone
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Is this drone supposed to bring back Snap Chat’s fall from grace?

Snap Chat app has a new flying camera. The $230 Pixy is a mini Drone that Snap came up with as their latest entry to keep the app cool. This flying companion acts as a camera sidekick to your app. Much like the failed Spectacles device, it’s a yellow, less annoying companion to take on trips. Snap Specs were aimed at the average user, Pixy intends to attract content creators.

In late 2017, Snapchat wrote off $40m worth of unsold Spectacles inventory and unused parts. As of May 2018, the company sold 220,000 pairs, which was far less than initially expected.

In spite of the release we also should mention that TikTok and Instagram have been far more popular despite not having wearable assistance. 

“Today, we’re taking the power and magic of the Snap Camera — the spontaneity, the joy, and the freedom — to new heights. A new camera to match the limitless potential of your imagination. Meet Pixy, the world’s friendliest flying camera. It’s a pocket-sized, free-flying sidekick for adventures big and small,” Snap CEO Evan Spiegel said during the Snap Partner Summit keynote.

Pixy is not your basic drone. There is no controller and no SD card, so how does it work? Well, Snap has optimized the device to buzz around using Bluetooth. Utilizing the four pre-configured flight paths button to activate the device and a camera dial to select the flying mode. Selfies are at ease with Pixy, and so is stopping. You would be placing your hand below the drone, and Pixy will automatically land in the palm of your hand. According to TC, Pixy captures 2.7K videos and 12 MP photos. It’s very lightweight as it only weighs 101 g with a replaceable battery. On a single charge, you can capture five to eight flights.

Image courtesy of Snap
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