Rumors Of #SnapChat Gaming Platform Surface…

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[mks_dropcap style=”rounded” size=”52″ bg_color=”#fefe00″ txt_color=”#f9f9f9″]A[/mks_dropcap] ccording to Chedder, Snap will launch a gaming platform for its social media app next month. According to the site,  the gaming feature with externally developed games will work inside the Snapchat app. Yet there is no mention of what those games include. There is a possibility of joining the esports industry, iMessage type games, or the infamous Facebook applications that request shares & invitations. Part of that evolution does also include a questionable multimedia messaging app, reported by Fortune. The company Snap has been publicly struggling to acquire new users since recent copy cats & run ins with the evolving social media culture.

In January, Snap has also been reported to have invested interest in the Australian game studio Prettygreat. Which will possibly be announced next month at their unveiling of the newer version, and potential addon’s to the basic, video/filter app. No word on reviving the Snap/Spectacles or the addition of any hardware.

Gaming has not only become a ‘thing’ or niche hobby for many in all demographics it has become a multi-$ business for tech companies. There are no difference in Snap rumored entry into the gaming industry utilizing their own snap-app. While they can be credited with the first to pioneer video-social media and other tech aspects of the app other tech companies quickly copied their use of video and have embedded similar features within their own products sometimes and often giving them an edge.

Then to make matters worst, the company ran into a major PR issue when they used ‘Rihanna’ and exploited domestic violence for their own publicity. As expected it did not go over well but can Snap and the executives behind the brand revive the product with the addition of a gaming inclusive platform?

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