#Sony Breaks Tradition With The NW-ZX507 #Android Walkman

#Sony Breaks Tradition With The NW-ZX507 #Android Walkman
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Getting your Trinity Audio player ready...

comes with Hi-Fi & Wi-Fi

Just a few things are known about SONY’s recent take on the traditional walkman, makeover.  The only issue is that the Walkman NW-ZX507 has been rumored to cost in the price range of $900 while running on an Android OS.

Compared to the Apple iPod 8th-generation can cost around $250 with an entire library at your fingertips, the Sony NW-ZX507 Walkman, promises a few extra things like Hi-Fi sound thanks to the 4.4mm Balancing Jack, native DSD (11.2 MHz) and PCM 384kHz / 32bit playback supported by S-master HX technology which includes audio wireless streaming and the look and feel of an upgraded Walkman.

Operating on the latest open sourced, Android and Wi-Fi option available for streaming also provides easy access through the computer connection. Whether the files can be drag & dropped, moved wirelessly or a software needed to upload and download via the PC is unavailable.

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With a 3.6inch HD screen complete with touch panel, you can listen in style. There is also a convenient USB Type-C™ port and micro SD card slot along with physical side keys for ease of use. Available in black, the NW-ZX507 gives you authentic sound with a compact, sleek body. Plus, with a battery life of up to 20 hours.


Not sure up the upgrade will convince nostalgic and millennials to cop, when price is definitely an issue.

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