40Yr Salute @SONY Walkman Giving Us HipHop Cassettes

40Yr Salute @SONY Walkman Giving Us HipHop Cassettes
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What was your first Cassette?

To celebrate the 40th anniversary of the first Walkman sold, Sony is showing off a lengthy history this year. With eyes on the portable model TPS-L2, originating in central Tokyo, the iconic player that aided in bringing Hip-Hop to the forefront will be on display until September 1st.

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Sony has assembled 230 different Walkmans. Those with popularity and those that didn’t quite achieve the success. Nonetheless laid out on a “Walkman Wall”, and the whole thing shouldn’t be hard to find — a giant neon-yellow WM-F5 will lead the way.

The SONY Walkman (CD) help bring iconic album to my ear some of which were NAS’s Illamatic, Fugees, and LL Cool J ‘Mr Smith’ album to my ears the first time around.  Easy to hide from the parents and very easily made portable the ‘Discman’ apart from the Walkman came with A/C adapter as well as battery operated for mobile use.

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By 2010, Sony had sold 200 million Walkmans.

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