Sony 16K Crystal LED Is Their Biggest Screen Yet…

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Bigger is better. That’s the theme of Sony’s latest LED screen. Calling it a screen is limiting the capacity of what the system is really worthy of.  There are a few products of commercial use which has taken steps further into familiarizing itself for residential use. Like the new SONY 16K Crystal LED Screen.

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The Sony 16K Crystal LED Screen is now available for residential use, if you have ever wanted to turn the average family room into a theatre. Nothing short of a crisp and clear screen, the SONY 16K Crystal comes in Full HD at 110″ up to a mind-boggling 16K, which is 64 times the pixels, at 790″. Using ultra-fine, micro-LEDs measuring half the width of a human hair, composed of 18 panels (each panel comes with a cost according to SONY at $10K) measuring 63 feet long and 17 feet tall in total, what would I normally call is screen is now a home theatre system within itself.

Worth about $720,000 at retail price the Crystal Cinema is worth a house and a half in most areas which I think most wouldn’t mind getting if they could. The gorgeous system is worthy of the mega rich who are into the perfect sound and visual in their entertainment wing of the home.

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