The Iconic Motorola #RAZR Gets The Smartphone Makeover It Deserves

Motorola RZAR
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Motorola RAZR smartphone had everything you asked for in 2004. Downloadable ringtones and wallpaper were as good as they came.

Back then the Motorola RAZR V3 was the smart device to have.  While the typical mass-market cell phone was primarily used for talking and texting on a limited 500 a min plan.  The Motorola RAZR was one of the only devices that created capabilities for business. Including medium emailing with a slow steady internet connection back when there were unlimited data plans.

The rebirth of the Motorola RAZR presents an updated version featuring a full-length 6.2”, foldable display.  Committed to being a flip phone, much like its predecessor, Motorola sets up pre-order for December and release in January 2020.


The flip feature allows you to watch movies and videos in high-definition on a 6.2” Flex View display without the suspicious crease. Before flipping, the device is enabled to take selfies, play your music, use Google Assistant, and more without having to flip it open.  The Razr also has a 16-megapixel camera with Night Vision and all-day battery life with TurboPower charging.  Full length or external ouch-enabled “Quick View” display lets you interact with notifications without having to open the device. Enabled by Android the device comes with a price tag of $1500 with Verizon.

Image courtesy of Motorola
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