@TheRealSwizzz Serves Up A ‘The Sound of Rum’ Mix With @Bacardi

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Drink and dance!

The liquor brand has definitely tapped into something beyond just support artist and music. The brand along with their partnership with Swizzbeats is mixing the sounds of rum-cocktail creations into a dance track.

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The sounds of clinking bottles, a rhythmic chop of pineapples and limes, all play a part of the pulsing ice-filled cocktail shaker lay down a smooth groove that echoes the brand’s Caribbean heritage. Utilizing the Bacardi’s larger “Do What Moves You” platform, Hip-hop extraordinaire, SwizzBeatz serves up a drinks and the beats as executive producer on “The Sound of Rum,” working with AMV BBDO in London.

Co-starring in the ‘Sound of rum’ campaign, five bartenders from across the globe appear in the video. Supporting various regions, Nicole Fas (from Puerto Rico), Lawrence Gregory (U.K.), Julia Rahn (Germany), Raysa Straal (Netherlands) and Adrian Nino (France). The sounds of their mixology efforts on set were manipulated to create the track, with some conventional instrumentation sweetening the mix.

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