#WheresTheMoney & #Marshall Makes The Cut Of The Top 7 Must See Movies October 2017

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Month of Fall brings Horror & Documentary movies..

Halloween is a great time for Horror & Thriller lovers at the movies. But along with those horror flicks like I did last year this year I added a few documentary movies to mix it in that will add a great movie experience for the goer. One of our stand out movies comes with a few features from Method Man, Mike Epps, Retta, Terry Crews titled “Where’s The Money” and the documentary Marshall who has an interesting timeline in the history of the civil rights movement. As an observation now I see a more aggressive push in ads probably a week before the movie actually comes out social media ads, banners, and movie posters based on the demographic and the forever shrinking attention span of the public.

The movies I’ve chosen are just a highlight of the month and things I believe you can pay attention towards with a great mix of a but of everything but SciFi & Horror leading the path to Halloween..

Check out the list out after the JUMP..

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