Yeezy Prototype Leaks Again

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[mks_dropcap style=”rounded” size=”52″ bg_color=”#ddcca8″ txt_color=”#fcfcfc”]F[/mks_dropcap] or some time Yeezy crew members and factories of Adidas has been leaking images of the potential Yeezy sneakers we’ve heard so much about. Last year there was a sketch leak of Yeezy prototype (pictures above) that takes aim at basketball and other running athletic gear coincidentally on the eve of the release of NIKE’s CPFM×VAPORMAX debut.

While the Yeezy 500 just released last week and is always a fire cop, it seems like Kanye is moving onto plans to get his Yeezy brand into the athletic gear industry more seriously. There has been an unveiling of sample photo of new yeezy boost 350V2, Yeezy basketball shoes, Yeezy slides and Yeezy 500, but these are still in sample phase as production seems to be taking shape.  Kanye has unveiled Yeezy’s 2019 line up. It includes 350V3, 700V3, 451, 1050, 500V2, TERREX, basketball shoes. (Updates July 27th) according to online rumors as we should see if the hype builds towards the continuation of the streets ‘ugly shoe’ fashion.

My guess it’ll probably be a Winter 19/20 release or a trend worth waiting for Spring 20. But nothin past Summer ’20.

Peep the prototypes after the JUMP!

Image courtesy of Kanye West/Twitter
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