#KanyeWest Pre-Order Donda Stem-Player Comes With Album Drop

Kanye West
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Kanye West’s new tech gadget the, ‘Donda Stem Player’ is a hand control device that gives the user mixing capabilities.

Available for $200, the Donda Stem Player, according to the website, will be released with the Donda album release by Kanye West. Equipped with a headphone jack and Bluetooth support, a USB-C port, volume buttons, speakers, a haptic engine, and 8GB of storage in a single handheld device. The four noticeable light bars are said to be touch-sensitive light sliders. Which presumably allows the user to control and customize songs. Specifically, the device depends on the release of the Donda album release that is still in limbo.

The device supports a wide range of music formats: .AIFF, .AIF, .FLAC, .M4A, .MP3, .WAV, .WAVE, .AAC, .ALAC, and .MP4.

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As for what you can do, the Donda Stem Player can:

  • Control vocals, drums, bass, and samples
  • Isolate parts
  • Add effects
  • Split any song into stems
  • The site also says it offers the following tools:
  • 4-channel lossless audio mixing
  • Realtime loop and speed control
  • Tactile effects
  • One hit
  • Live samples
  • Save, playback, and share mixes
  • Customize colors
  • Content and software updates from your browser




For most it sounds like a bonus but to the rest of us this sounds like an attempt to introduce his entry into technology with potential consumers. As well as, add pre-order music sales to the pending release of ‘Donda’. It’s another great strategy by Kanye West considering he sold $1 Million worth of DONDA merch at his debut music listening session/concert at the Mercedes Benz stadium.

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