@YoungOnassis Steps Out Under ‘Rolls Royce Umbrella’ Release

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Onassis taps Yung Lan also responsible for (Gucci Mane, NBA Youngboy) production credits to release his highly-anticipated single called “Rolls Royce Umbrella”.

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The release comes on the heels of “Bust It.”  A previous music single released early this year gathering about 30K views on Youtube. As expected, Onassis flexes bars to match the highly anticipated title ‘Rolls Royce Umbrella.’  Described as witty banter through his verbally filled verses, ‘Rolls Royce Umbrella’ wouldn’t be complete without adding his own personal flamboyant flair and signature lingo to match. Coupled with production from Yung Lan, the promising music single has already grabbed the attention of 11K viewers on his Youtube page in a matter of three days. Eager to be one of Onassis biggest hit yet.

.While the rapper Onassis is on his rise as a rapper, he is no stranger to the music industry.  Gaining notoriety as a songwriter through a co-writer contributor on the “Think Twice” project by Grammy-nominated Brittany B.  Making it clear that there is more to his talent than just rap and some music videos.

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You can hear more from Onassis with the link below available on all streaming platforms.

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