‘Jordan x Dior’ Collab Release As Early As Next Year According To Leak

Nike x Dior
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Rumors have surfaced online that the Jordan athletic brand is in the works with a collaboration of their own Jordan x Dior collab

Early this week the Adidas brand confirmed it was collaborating with the international fashion house, Prada (according to PYLeaks). While the Jordan x Dior has no confirmation yet I think it is still worth the mention as couture brands like Fendi among others have been vying for the attention streetwear is getting locally and internationally.

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Whether or not the partnership is based on a men’s or women’s collaboration hasn’t been made clear nor was any emphasis on what side of the design the Jordan 1 model would lean on. According to Twitter account @ovrnundr, Nike and Dior will collaborate on an Air Jordan 1 model whose production will be limited to 1,000 silhouettes. Priced at $2,000, the shoes allegedly are scheduled for a June 2020 launch.


While there isn’t anything wrong with the release I for one would not like to see velvet kicks with chains on it. But rather would like a capsule to be part of the release. While Dior needs no introduction or even the partnership gives me the heebee jeebees for another unnecessary release. I think it should be a good taste and not just for a look. That would definitely be an upset.

Image courtesy of Ovrnundr
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