Spotify Awards Announced Days After Grammys 2020 Snubs

Spotify Awards
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The Spotify Awards picks up the ball where Grammys 2020 more or less dropped it. They will base their awards on streams and analytics.

Stans and fans alike took to social media to call out the Grammys 2020 nominations list as one of their biggest fumbles to date. But, they were in for more than they bargained for. On the heels of the Grammys 2020 nominee list and snubs, Spotify has been secretly working on an award show of their own. Today the music streaming giant released plans for the platform’s award show to take place in Mexico.

It’s essentially Spotify’s in-house version of the Billboard Music Awards. While there is no nominee list as yet, some of the globe’s biggest streamers would be at the top.  The list will be based on sales, streaming and user-engagement data.

While the award show is quite basic it increases user engagement on the Spotify platform by its members.  The first Spotify Awards will be held next March in Mexico City. The streamer has teamed with WarnerMedia’s Turner Latin America division to broadcast the show live, on March 5, 2020, across TNT in all Spanish-language countries in the region.

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